Life in the mountains is marked by important values – life values
that outlast time.

Hiking towards the peak, giving it all you’ve got, and then the thought of returning to the familiar place where you left comes to your mind. When you return, you enter a place full of warmth, comfort, charming small details, tastes and scents, conversations, and friendly faces. This is our hotel – this is our life's work. We want to share all this with those who spend their holidays with us.

Nele is the nickname of our grandfather. In 1951, grandpa Nele, together with grandma Giuseppina, laid the foundation for this hotel – which, at the time, was called “Pension Alpina”. From 1973, our parents continued to run the accommodation, and today this trustworthy task is incumbent on us. We are now the third generation to run this place and we give our best to carry on the legacy of the host tradition. Because, tradition and passion are the two things that distinguish our family.




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